Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm In!

I've moved in! Of course there's no working kitchen sink at the moment, but otherwise we're good! Here's some pictures of the disaster area that is my condo...

New couch and stuff in the living area

The kitchen (note the lack of counters, and yes that is the sink sitting on top)


The bedroom, this room is the messiest because it's where I dumped all my boxes.

Just in case you were worried, I want you to know that Ella and Molly like the new couch. John thinks it's okay too.


  1. where is your couch from? i really like it. we're in the market for a new sectional..i just love them.

  2. omg and i also love the that from kohls? i have one bookmarked in my mozilla just like it from kohls :) see:

  3. The couch is from Value City Furniture, and it's super comfy and was pretty cheap...but I'm not entirely convinced that it's gonna hold up for a long time. If you guys have money you might want something 'sturdier.'

    The rug is Target. It was on sale, and yes it does look just like that one from Kohls!

  4. Your kitchen looks great! But the bedroom needs a whole new look, I’m afraid. I suggest redesigning your room. When choosing colors, its best to consider how all areas work together. Neutral colors are a popular choice for a small space. However, do not limit yourself. Mix and match colors with appropriate furniture.

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