Thursday, December 10, 2009

Massive Long-Awaited Update!

Well I think I have actually skipped two weeks now, oops! So we will just stop counting, whose idea was that anyway?

So many many moons ago my Dad came down for the weekend with my siblings and we worked on the condo one lovely Saturrrrr....Sunday? Don't remember.

My Dad removed absolutely everything from the kitchen, like everything. No cabinets, no floor, no appliances, and some of the wall was missing for some reason? I don't always follow his logic, but I trust it!

Mallory played maid and went around vacuuming all the mess we've made the past few weeks. That's her in the red, and yes she is taller than me. I know.

And I....sat on the floor. With a pair of pliers. And pulled tacks out. We need to have a flat surface to put the wood in, did I tell you I'm putting in fake hardwood? Like the engineered wood that looks real, not the laminate stuff. Anyway, here's my bucket of tacks and little pieces of carpet padding.

Skip to the next weekend when my dad started replacing some of the missing drywall from where he took down the soffit (google it, I had to).

John and I put up the insulation, which the doggies decided made a nice bed. I have to bathe them both later, don't even ask how that went.

My bedroom ceiling all insulated!

John is such a diva.

And today I found out that the electrical work passed inspection! So tomorrow the builder dudes are bringing drywall and Monday they start putting up my new, popcorn-free ceiling! Everything is going so fast...sheesh.

So uhm...update you again in......ok I dunno when. Sorry!

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