Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week three came and went with no post...

But seriously, lots of stuff happened. I just can't remember to write about it.



  1. epic fail. just like my travel blog

  2. Hey just saw your post on my blog that you left like a week ago. I don't have a fancy camera, just a normal digital one with 6 megapixels, but my trick is to take so many pictures that I'm bound to get some good ones, and then those are the ones I post haha. Interested in your condo, looks like you are doing a better job at being a graduate than me. I remember that time Thomas and I helped your dad tear apart his bedroom in Wyndham and he ripped out most of the door frame with his bare hands.

  3. I try to take lots of pictures, they just all usually look the same. Although you have prettier things to take pictures of. And being a graduate is blah, stay in Europe. And yeah, my dad is still the same, only happy if he's working. It makes me tired.