Monday, February 15, 2010

I used the ! key 17 times in this post.

Don't worry, I didn't break into someone else's house and take photos...this is actually my condo! Check out all the updates...

First of all, here's my step dad workin on my crown molding!

He came down with my Uncle Mark to put it up, doesn't it just instantly dress up the place?

They worked for two days on it and had to stay the night and deal with my cooking...and they still did an awesome job!

And here is my sexxxxy Brazilian Tigerwood floor!!!! This is my Dad's handiwork!

Look at this, with the crown molding and the hardwood floor, this place is incredible! I own this place!! Isn't it weird?

...and look at the kitchen. It's not done yet, but it's gonna be sweet.

ALSO! The bedroom is totally done! I know I am overusing the ! key, but so much has been done since last time!

Still need some closet doors actually, but almost totally done!

In other news....check out my Valentine's Day present from John...

He's sweet...but please read the card.

That's all for now! So I guess I missed the move in date...but you can give me those housewarming presents as Valentine's Day presents and buy some more for when I actually move in...

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  1. neat floor. I like how it's perpendicular to the corridor walls, makes it look uneeker. Talk to you in another 5-10 years.