Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paint Wars

This week has been painting week 2!

We started during the week by painting the living room, but this picture doesn't really do the color justice (Sagey by Behr).

And like always, I was assisted by the lovely JFulla.

Painting is nice because it's so instantly gratifying, you start and when you're done the whole room looks better. Unlike demolition, where it looks like crap to start with and it looks like crap in the end, just different crap.

All that said, I wouldn't say I like painting. It's just rewarding.

Anyway, today John and I painted the trim in my bedroom. Tada!

Molly decided to take a nap on the wet trim...poor puppy...

John pissed me off so he got painted too...

I should have known he would retaliate.

FYI - to get paint out of your hair, put in LOTS of conditioner and then comb through with a fine toothed comb while the conditioner is still in.

My Dad, the man behind the scenes (he always somehow avoids pictures), was busy today too! He put in my new toilet! The vanity isn't installed yet but doesn't it look good?

He also laid the slate tile for the fireplace.

And tiled the laundry closet!

And that's it! Another week closer to move-in! Which, by the way, is tentatively set for Valentines Day. Buy your housewarming presents now!


  1. the whole place is looking great but i am particularly drawn to the bathroom (don't ask me why, i just love it) - i also (in particular) love the paint colors you chose!! i love sage. you rock and i am jealous:)

  2. wow! You are so ambitious fixing up stuff takes so much longer then you would think! I love DIY projects and watching HGTV. I haven't had the guts to do any BIG revamps yet! Good luck, Looks great so far.


    S.S. Dobbs